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Hello everyone. Man, i love this site.

I'm rinnei (obviously it's not my real name). I live in Malaysia, I was raised in the UK, but only for a short time. You can ignore that.

Anyway, I live for anime(hehe). My room is full of anime. I didn't know when i start watching anime. I guess ever since I can remember.

Let's see, what else?

Ok. As you can guess from my favourite animes, I love watchin adventure-action anime. They are really worth watching and I won't get bored easily by these kind of anime. But if the anime has really funny scenes...well, that's like the icing to the cake (hehehehe).

I also love watching sports anime. Though there's not that many sports anime that I really enjoy. Sometimes it just get really boring and I tend to stop thar particularly anime. If there's comedy, I get obsess..

This site is so cool. After i watch an anime i always try to find more anime to watch. It's a pain to go through all the anime list (i've tried). But this site really helps me a lot. And I can record all the anime i've watched before (YAY!!). It was quite shocking at first to see how much anime i've already watched, but who cares..as long as I'm happy...

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165 total

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What?! No manga ratings?

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