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Hi, I'm Lynzee! I'm mostly a bookworm who watches anime and plays console RPGs from time to time. I'm twenty, and married. I also enjoy playing tennis and am going to college to be a nutrtionist. I'd say my favorite foods are pie, pasta, and sushi. I've never been to Japan but I have been to 12 countries in Europe.

So message me, and let's be friends!

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Antoniisenpai May 9, 2008

Konichiwa! Just wanted to say hello! ^^

Jcstryfe Feb 20, 2008

give me some good anime that  i havent watched plz im tired of watching boring anime..

ill really appreciate it.

KoRnMAN711 Feb 13, 2008

thats ok, ill give it a shot anyways i was just getting ready to watch it pretty soon and figured id ask. As far as being annoyed by a character i think things will be ok ive watched few a few series and managed to endure some characters irrateness (excel saga being an ex) and once you over come things like that one can usually enjoy the show a bit more. Its all about comprimises (^_^) well g2g take it easy

KoRnMAN711 Feb 12, 2008

hows it goin just kinda surfing around noticed your page, if i may ask what did u think of AH my goddess i was getting ready to watch it and wouldnt mind an opinion. thanks well g2g take it easy

Kivan Feb 11, 2008

Italy is a nice place :) And I like the language too :) I'm fluent in it... know it better than english... I think :) Anyway... now you know someone from the beautiful coast of Croatia :)