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Working to be a CNC machinest. Like to make people laugh. Have a anime addiction unknown to most. But Not Ashamed. I like to play the part of the dumass or clue less guy.

Weird thing I do some times are questionable even by me. Don't know why some times. Like give movie tickets to a blind guy.Give a MP3 player to a Def dude. And bad navagation skills in Californa so that's why I like living in Arizona. Was visiting Los Angeles. Got los and ended in the wrong citiy. While there I was looking to get some directions. I thought about it ask some dude waiting for his friend and got some good directions. But some guy come the and picks up the guy giving me direction. And well the rest is some thing I want to forget so I hauled ass back to Arizona. I was born hear and I will stay hear.

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wolfangel87 Feb 27, 2008

Unfortuently it is not possible to watch anime on this site, this site is for keeping track of the anime you have watched and getting recommendations for anime that you might like

wolfangel87 Feb 27, 2008

Welcome to Anime Planet!!!

I like to make people laugh too!