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Welcome to my (updated) tl;dr

I'm going to keep this short and interesting. Hmmm... but doesn't that defeat the purpose of a tl;dr? Oh well.

Yeah... that was my intro. From what I can remember (and from what my previous tl;dr said) I've been watching anime since 2008. I was a sophmore in high school who didn't really know anything about anime. I kinda just watched what my friends were watching, y'know? This was back in the day where Toonami was a thing! You know what, I'm not sure if I'm even spelling that right, or if you even know what that is... Google is hard man.

I was introduced to shounen anime on cartoonnetwork and I got hooked. While my friends would debate wether or not subbed was better than dubbed, I was just happy to find something that was (A): interesting and (B): I was never exposed to before.

It's all history from there. I eventually graduated from shounen, oh yes, and high school. I found myself embracing Japanese voice acting and abused the internet for anime streaming. With the terrible internet I had back in the day, I never bothered downloading anime like I do now. I also did very little searching around back then. I found myself watching whatever was available...

Wait, I said this was supposed to be interesting, right? Sorry. I'll skip ahead to the time I was introduced to fansub.tv. Again, I was doing little research on anime at that time and it wasn't until my cousin mentioned this website that I was able to browse through animes by genre. Game over.

What really made me develop my own taste and view on anime was doing research. I know it sounds stupid, but I like getting a feel for what I'm going to invest my time in. This website is amazing. By the time I was introduced to this site (you know who you are), I had already been watching anime for 3 years. I had a word document with pages filled with my "watch list," episode count, ratings, and even anime I would potentially watch later. It was disorganized chaos. With that document I was able to switch between shows with ease and keep track of animes that I would love to recommend to others. That word document was so precious, that I even made it a point to back it up- just in case. That word document died when I joined this site. I'm sorry old friend, but never again.

Is this even interesting? Well, I'm glad you're still reading. I'm almost done, I promise :) Actually, you can just see how much there is left... See! I'm not a liar.

As I got older, I had less time to watch anime, and although I had already had a habit of researching before I watched, I decided to up my game. It's almost the complete opposite of where I started. Instead of happily watching whatever was available and finishing it in one go, nowadays, I rarely find a series worth finishing. Silly? Maybe. But I finally understand what I can appreciate out of this art form. I can't say that I enjoy every anime out there; where in fact, I would consider myself a harsh critic. What I will say is that anime has impacted my life. It sounds silly, but anime is part of who I am and my friends know that.

Hopefully you're still awake, and I didn't make this too long.

If you're interested, you can take a look at my list to see my ratings. I don't know when it's going to happen, but I'm going to do some sort of project potentially involving anime ratings or blogging in the near future.

Want me to write a review?

Email me: [email protected]

Signing out.

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You still use this?

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Number12 says...

you almost are at 2 months.... get a life tj lol

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