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So did you know I watch anime?

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Airotia says...

Yeah, admittedly, gore stuff is a bit different. It's not for a sex aspect that people get their nuts or penis cut off in stuff, but I'm talking about when they go out of their way to show a sex scene that has no bearing on the plot. XD

And oh god, if stuff that's aimed to make money actually starts targeting the guro fetishist community, I will switch away from horror so fast...Well, that's probably a lie. My curiousity outweighs my personal stomach for such things at times. But I'd enjoy it less.


Ha I'm the opposite, I want more stuff to do. I had way more to do during high school than I do now. XD Unfortunately that's not really a good sign, I might end up as one of the nerds in their parent's basements...

Hughes was the worst possible person to kill off. D: I mean, really, he was the comedy guy, the sweet family person. I was half expecting Armstrong to be next so that the show would be completely devoid of laughs and happiness from that point forward. T_T

Jan 31, 2012
Airotia says...

Maybe. Maybe I'm in limbo, and this is what it feels like. Limbo feels like you're slowly succumbing to either the hermit crazies from Welcome to the NHK, or possibly like Hinamiza Syndrome... And if it's a time loop, I humbly request that it go back to my junior year of high school, so that I may at least get to enjoy the company of my old friends before they kill me and move off to other places/we lose contact. :v

My friend took it like a champ. It kinda pissed me off, she only got upset at the funeral. She took it better than I did, and it was my... fifth time seeing him die, counting from Brotherhood. His death in Brotherhood is pretty much the same, actually. It plays with the same little details, except Mustang gets more emotional about it in Brotherhood, higher in the "must have revenge" spectrum.

HAHA if an anime contributed to that 2 months, I enjoyed it. ;D And thanks~ Surprised me when I got it, as I didn't update a whole show, just about five episodes. Who knows how long I was THIIIIIIIIIIS CLOSE to it and just didn't know. o-o; Maybe if they had a counter, I'd be more obsessive about watching anime for the time badges...

...Also I totally posted that on my own profile instead of yours. OOPS./fail.

Jan 31, 2012
Airotia says...

AH YES. ELFEN LIED SHALL CHEER ME UP.Also that can't possibly make me doubt my mental health.Because well, I can't be that crazy.Stuff would have died by now if I was.

Hughesssss. I know which episode he dies on, and every time, I'm like, "... not this one, let's watch something else...""NO MUST WATCH FMA.""Damn it. I'll be in the other room.""DON'T BE A BABY, WATCH WITH ME.";-; "But... *sobs*""What are you crying for, it's the opening song...?"Okay, that's an exaggeration, but it's how I feel. D:

Jan 25, 2012
Airotia says...

We just started it. XD She said it bored her before, but she's pretty interested, I think. :3 I told her to give a few episodes, lol.

"OH YOU WERE RIGHT. IT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER. I MEAN, IT'S /ALMOST/ AS GOOD AS SAILOR MOON. SPEAKING OF... can I have it back?""After the rest of the show. And the movie. And the other show. And heck, that one newer movie I haven't seen yet. :D But don't worry... nothing's happened to Sailor Moon... yet..."

The slow arcs pissed me off. XD I loved all of the arcs in the first season, but in Kai there were a few that were supremely boring to me in comparison. When the arcs finally got going they were good, but... lol If that makes any sense.

Jan 19, 2012
Airotia says...

Seriously. I'll walk out of the bathroom at her house and tell her to start FMA or else... probably in my best imitation of an Italian accent. Which wouldn't come out right.

And it's bad, because I know exactly what I would have to watch to get her to unconditionally watch FMA. I'd have to watch Sailor Moon. All. Of Sailor Moon. D: But out of that, I could probably get her to watch both series.

Buuuuuuut I'm not sure it's worth it.

And thank you! :D I try to be entertaining.

Jan 18, 2012