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I'm 22, i like all sorts of anime, Ive seen so many shows there is no way Ill ever remeber all there names and what they are about. I usally will watch anything but I tend to get sick of the whole mecha thing rather quickly. I also like to play counter strike source, I play in the server all the time. I am going to slowley update this when I have time :D

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hedghok says...

yow i am great and you

whats your favrt anime

Jul 2, 2009
ssoele says...

And now, it's my turn!

Welcome to! If you have questions or something like that, feel free to ask, just don't ask to much, I hate stalkers:P

I hope you have fun watching your anime!

another CSS player, how cool is that! I don't thing that I can own you, but still, I wanna try, can you ad me to your steam friends? Just ssoele!

Ow, almost forgot, have fun here on A-P!

Jul 1, 2009
3v1l says...

good luk!


Jul 1, 2009
hedghok says...

yow whats up welcome and have fun

Jul 1, 2009
MajinV says...

Welcome to AP!

Jul 1, 2009