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I've been loving manga and anime since I read my very first manga, that was - if I remember right - Inuyasha.

Although I've stopped buying this series, my addiction for Japan, it's culture and of course anime and manga hasn't faded - and I'm pretty sure it never will :3

To my person:

My name is Andrea, I'm 17 and from Germany.

Some may (? :3) know me as ReiYoru or Noeru Skyhigh from other (artist pages as DevianArt, Mexx, mangaka..) pages.

I love RPGs, MMORPGs and writing. Lyric, Prosa... doesn't matter :3


My current fav. anime: Code Geass

"It's like Death Note, only that Lelouch is a lot hotter than Raito XD"

Favorite manga:

Happy Play series, Kimi wo Mukaeni, Kokoro Logic, Hidoku Shinaide, Renai Shinan, Rules series, Map of Tokyo Savage, A Passage from a Servant Boy, Akai Hana, Escape, Forbidden Sweet Fruit, Haruka Minami-sama OneShots (such as No Toy, Love Healing, Love Cure, Honey Boys Spiral..], Risky Crime, The Visitor~


Favorite Books:

Dan Brown's creations: Sakrileg, Illuminati, Diabolus, Meteor and The Lost Symbol. State of Mind, Ave Maria, Only Death can save you, Better you run. [Thriller luvz]

Favorite TV- Series:

Two and a Half man XD

I love to...

*...listen to horror game OSTs early in the morning  


*...cling onto the heater in the winter*

*...warm my hands over the toaster*

*...listen to yaoi~ drama CDs in public  

[although I blush everytime someone sees my evil grin XD]

*...scare my friends by jumping on their backs all of a sudden*

* yaoifanservice with my Sensei*  

[we rule XD]

*...stay up late even if I have school in the morning*  

[our arthistory-teacher talks us to sleep anyway..]

*...bite someone's neck/ear*

*...hug someone from behind while he/she is playing a horror game*

*...upload yaoi-stuff on YT just to keep the brainlacking supporters busy*  

[deleting great vids is the only thing they do]

* anime episodes with great scenes in it over and over again*

* games early in the morning*

*...kill ghosts and other alive or dead stuff in games, while others have to walk in the creepy area  [sorry guys XD]

This list grows, so don't you dare try to stop it XD

So, dunno what else to write XD


Ask me :3

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anabanana says...

Ha, almost all our watched anime is the same.

Dec 31, 2010
Cypselos says...

Welcome to A-P ;)

Jan 2, 2010
Kari5 says...

Welcome to Anime Planet :D

If you have any questions about the site, just leave a message on my profile!

Jan 2, 2010