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Death Note

Apr 10, 2012

In my opinion Death Note is a great anime. With its intriguing story and characters, it kept me reeled in and on the edge of my seat for... most of the anime. 


The story of Death Note is nothing I have ever come across before -17 year old Light Yagami, an intelligent teenager, finds a mysterious notebook within his school - whoevers name is written in the notebook, will die.

The first arc of the story was great - Light's analysations of situations and putting his plans into action were great to watch. The development of his character and his fighting with L was fun to watch. The story is extremely clever and well thought out - to every last detail.

The second arc was decent. It was quite different to the first arc, because of a changing factor in the story that I will not reveal. A few new characters are introduced, who to be honest I didn't really care for. But because of the dramatic story change, I kept watching because I wanted to see what Light would do next.

The third arc... was not the best. This time, the story COMPLETELY changed. A whole new bunch of characters were added, who I felt were mere copies of other characters. The story turned a little bland and predictive, The only thing that kept me watching with the last arc was the desire to know how it ended.

All in all, the concept is fantastic, but was let down in the last arc. But the story itself will definitely keep you watching.


The animation for a 2006 anime series is pretty good. I must admit that at times, character designs were inconsistent at times (especially L, holy frick). But the animation was pretty sleek and smooth - though colours were a little dull. 


I absolutely adored the soundtrack of Death Note. Its musical pieces were extremely fitting to the situation, and created a great atmosphere of the anime. I must admit one track in particular was used a little too frequently, but it was so epic and portrayed Light's sadism and the drama of the situation so amazingly, I didn't mind. Even if you don't watch the anime, the soundtrack is definitely worth a listen. 


The characters are definitely interesting. Light and L; both extremely intelligent people, but such differing opinions on justice. In the first arc, their battles of wit are great to watch - a very entertaining game of cat and mouse. Throughout the anime, I found myself torn between them - I love L, but who's side was I on? 

Other various characters such as Matsuda and Soichiro (members of the police) were good additions. The shinigamis were fun to watch, especially Ryuk with his apple fetish.

Although I love L, I feel his character was definitely not developed enough. I felt he was such an interesting character but nothing really changed about him - neither was his past or story revealed, which I was very interested in discovering. I must admit that was a bit of a disappointment. 

There was one character *cough* Misa Amane *cough* who thoroughly irritated me, but she did add a lot to the story. 

Characters introduced in the third arc, I didn't really care for, and have already said that I felt they were copycats of other characters. In this arc I didn't really care what happened to the new characters - I didn't find them intriguing or particularly interesting, and had no attachment to them. 


Overall, I give this anime an 8/10. Because of it's amazing story concept, flawless soundtrack, and fun and interesting characters. It's 2 points were let down by the slowing down of the plot in the last arc, and complete story change.

It's a great anime to watch - though the last arc may let you down a little, I promise you, you won't regret it.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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