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I'm a certified anime lover and proud to be one.. I also read manga... Eventhough I'm already working, i still watch it... technically can't sleep with watching anime after work.. anime is my stress reliever... been watching anime since i was 10 years old... first anime i saw was voltes v, didn't realize it was anime i thought it was just cartoons.. hehehe.. anyway, got hooked up with it then sailor moon, akazukin chacha, daimos, pokemon, fushigi yuugi, ranma, yu yu hakusho and a lot more followed... the old school animes... which i really liked... before i only watched it on TV because we had no cable and internet was not yet accessible... now that i have internet connection i can watch it anytime i want... ^_^ i still have a lot of animes to watch... there are a thousand animes.. and i only watched around 100+, mada mada dane... hehehe... I like horror, adventure,magical,romance, shoujo, yaoi/shounen ai anime... I like mecha but not that much... I'm not into ecchi and yuri/shoujo-ai... even though ecchi is funny but sometimes i really don't feel like watching it. the only ecchi anime i've watched was High school of the dead.. i find it cool... hehehe.. I really like zombie movies/series as well.. I also like paranormal movies/series... I'm a true believer of the paranormal... I also watched us series... Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The walking dead, how i met your mother, the big bang theory, CSI, Criminal Minds and alot more... I'm a home buddy in short... my life is not that exciting.. that's why i watched anime and US series for fun and entertainment.. some times i read books...listen to music.. anime sountracks.. and i'm an oldies music lover... not really familiar with the new song.. well some of it maybe.. hehehe... I'm into video games as well... playstation 3 is awesome.. my favorite games - resident evil, devil may cry and god of war..

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