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20-something slowing wasting her life watching anime....

Explanation of the way I rate anime:

I have to watch the entire run of the show before I will rate it. It gives bad show a chance to get better. I think you have to watch all of something to get the full scope and effect of it.

1 --- So bad that it caused me physical pain to watch it. I would rather have tasmanian devils claw out my eyes than ever watch this piece of crap again.

2 --- Not painful, but still pretty bad.

3 --- Ok. Not good or bad, but ok. A C+ in my book.

4 --- A pretty good anime. I may have a few problems with it, but overall a enjoyable show.

5 --- Better than chocolate. Better than sex. Better than chocolatey-sex.

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yasmin09 Jun 9, 2010

I agree that you can't rate something that you don't finish. It doesn't seem fair. You have to watch the entire anime to give a fair score on the whole. You're rating system is quite amusing ^^

KatDJZ Apr 3, 2009

Happy Birthday! ^_^

KatDJZ Oct 25, 2008

Ooh, you're watching Paradise Kiss! How do you like it? It was one of the first shows I watched and I liked it alot, although I did read the manga first.

redpixie9 Apr 28, 2008

Yes! I am sooo cool, I comment on my own board. Anywho, I've been reading reviews and I've come to a very simple conclusion: anime review is a very subjective art. "Good" anime is not easily defined. What rocks one person's socks might be a steamy pile of poo for another. Just a thought...