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Shikis never have enough

27 NOV

Ok just watched episode 17 of Shiki, at this rate, the world is gonna get filled with shikis. Seriously humans can't be that dumb, they are getting killed one after one, there's no stopping, I mean let's just bring a lot of pig blood or something and give it to the shikis... Guess that won't work.  Anyway the only one who had the balls was the doctor and now his balls are under the shikis control and he didn't do nothing to avoid it. And Natsuno running around with his brand new pink shoes and his cool coat. I though he was gonna save ritsuko or the old man, but he did nothing.... maybe he was just jogging. What is he waiting for? He said they'll kill all shikis, but if they don't do something there are gonna be too many shikis to kill, what? Explosion! Atomic bomb?  And why is Natsuno still alive, does this mean he is drinking somebody's blood?


What happened to Akira? Why is Seishirou with the shikis? And what about Seishin? Being a pacifist doesn't mean you have to ally with the enemy. who kidnapped the ugly nurse? Why? Shikis don't kidnapp they just go and suck your blood.


Im watching the ending to see the images from next episode.


Natsuno's dad has apparently gone crazy  but who doesn't in this anime?,, Tatsumi probably catched Natsuno drinking rat blood and he is very angry........ I hate him and his nekomimis.  And the big white bearded guy  is screaming at someone again and probably shootin some punches, he should beat the crap out all the shikis. And Sunako sitting on here couch. She is so cute and creepy.



Ritsuko, next time, get a bigger dog.



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WalkingEast avatar WalkingEast
Dec 11, 2010

"I hate him and his nekomimis."


I seriously laughed so hard when I read that. XD


I made a blog post after watching 17 that sounded a lot like yours; so many questions! I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering this stuff!

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