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filter: November 2010  

Shikis never have enough

27 NOV

Ok just watched episode 17 of Shiki, at this rate, the world is gonna get filled with shikis. Seriously humans can't be that dumb, they are getting ki... read more


24 NOV

Going to school(high school, whatever it's called I don't know, it's preparation for professional jobs, and I want to go to the university after this,... read more

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Conan badge

22 NOV

Yay! I just got the detective conan badge and the TMS entertainment badge at the same time :) I'm so happy right now. I love conan, now  I just n... read more


22 NOV

Just watched episode 16 of Shiki and I can't wait to watch the next one!! Much better than most vampire shows and movies, I'm curious to see how it en... read more

finished Angel heart, now watching densetsu no yuusha.

21 NOV

even if my anime list says i'm watching 31 animes, that's just a big lie, I start watching many animes and then I finish just a few from time to time,... read more