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24 NOV

Going to school(high school, whatever it's called I don't know, it's preparation for professional jobs, and I want to go to the university after this, maybe, it's time already, I've been doin nothin, gotta do something with my life, sometimes I hate where I live, I just don't wanna spend the rest of my life here, I don't know, everyone seems cool with this, they just study something and then they get a job, but I don't really know what to do.


Comic Party got me thinkin about this haha, but of course I'm not gonna be a mangaka, the only thing im good at is with languages. Anyway, school is frustating, if you get bad grades the other people in the class will feel sorry for you, If you get awesome grades, they will look at you with a mix of hatred and jealousy and probably will think you are a freak. Anyway, thing is I feel that I don't belong there, I still have to find the right place for me, meanwhile

I'll keep watching anime even I don't have anyone to share my hoobie, because I go to anime conventions and I feel out of place too, so what am I? Will I get to do something good with my life? All I can do is LOL and keep walking...

What do you do for living or what do you plan to do? Share your thoughts

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