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  • finished Angel heart, now watching densetsu no yuusha.

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finished Angel heart, now watching densetsu no yuusha.

21 NOV

even if my anime list says i'm watching 31 animes, that's just a big lie, I start watching many animes and then I finish just a few from time to time, and I dropped a lot more of them.


Last week I finished Angel heart, it took me a while it was pretty long and I didn't know where it was going, then I realized it was going nowhere, and I was fine with it, it didn't have an amazing and thrilling story, just some bits of suspense here and there, but there wasn't a general plot leading somewhere. Nevertheless, it was a nice show to watch, now I'm planning to watch city hunter.


Right now I'm watching densetsu no yuusha no densetsu no densetsu.. no densetsu... what just 2 densetsus? anyway xD The legend of the legendary heroes. Reiterative title, awesome anime. Well at least what I've watched of it, hope it develops nicely, it's one of my favorite new animes. I'm watching Shiki too, very scary, but I am at episode 3.... and the mistery is gone, you already know what's going on, and probably what's going to happen. Anyway the little girl was helly damn scary, I'll keep watching and see if the anime surprises me... Unlike Umineko, got me bored after the witch appears... I was like: "booooooooooooooring" I should have realized that I wasn't gonna like it before.


Anyway if you are readin this, thx for reading and let me know if there are any good winter animes worth watchin. If noone is reading at least I practice my * english

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