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Aoi hana

29 DEC

Well, that's it. The last anime I'm going to watch this year. And I must say "Aoi Hana" was good enough to put me in the mood for some good introspective hours. One sided loves of mine just poped into my mind while I was watching it. It may be just me, but putting aside the sexual preferences, I saw myself in many scenes and, gosh, how was good to be as naïve as those girls. And how painful this could also be. The blindness love brings us make me almost feel ashamed or uncomfortable... almost regretful. All these emotions of past times were gently woken up by this show. A remarkable scene: Manjome-san asking Sugimoto-senpai why she wanted to see her. That scene is huge, Manjome-san's words made Sugimoto realize how childish she was being. "Move on. We are through.". I did not see that coming. I was astonished. Manjome-san always being so shy and cute... Amazing how mature she also could be.

Great animation, great character design, good music.

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