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The Best Anime I've ever Watched: 
-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
-The Big O
-Outlaw Star

Ratings Scale:
This score will never be given to anything because nothing is perfect.
9-Masterful. Very few issues and maximum enjoyment.
8-Great. This is an anime that contains flaws but still manages to be entertaining.
7-Above Average. This is the score I tend to give most series. It has many flaws but is enjoyable in some way.
6-Average. It just...exists. Anime around here don't really exhibit any stand out qualities.
5-Meh. Meh is worse than average because it's an average where I don't care. Something completely stagnant.
4-Poor. This is an anime with very little to offer.
3-Bad.  Anime in the 3 range exhibit no redeeming qualities, though are sometimes so bad they're laughably good (School Days).
2-Terrible. An anime so bad it should be avoided at all costs.
1-Spawn of Satan. An anime that's as putrid and reprehensible as they come.


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RingoStarr1991 says...

Well I do not know if you celebrate Christmas but I hope you have a great day off from work!

Dec 24, 2012
HarioSagara says...

Yeah the Shion or "eye opening arc" is one of my favorites too, I actually own the manga version of it which expresses the feelings Shion's going through better than the anime. I guess the reason I like Higurashi so much is because the first season is all about tragedy and the second season is about overcoming that tragedy when Rika had all but given up hope. Good reviews by the way. Also, I watched Steins;Gates and enjoyed it a lot, especially Rintaro Okabe's mad scientist in turmoil personality.

Nov 21, 2012
Aly7 says...

how is little busters so far? i've been thinking about giving it a go :)

Oct 20, 2012
HarioSagara says...

Yeah season 1 can leave you fairly disatisfied and frustrated until you watch the second season. Season 2 really gives meaning to the first season and has a lot stronger story to it. The arcs have a lot more story/character development to them =D

Sep 8, 2012
HarioSagara says...

That's a pretty good list, I'm a fan of most of those anime myself. Haven't seen Sora no Otoshimono yet and I've been meaning to watch Steins;Gate for awhile now. Also noticed you're watching Higurashi and judging from your list it should be something you'll enjoy. The second season has a great storyline to it imo. Have fun watching it! 

Sep 7, 2012