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Ratings Scale:
This score will never be given to anything because nothing is perfect.
9-Masterful. Very few issues and maximum enjoyment.
8-Great. This is an anime that contains flaws but still manages to be entertaining.
7-Above Average. This is the score I tend to give most series. It has many flaws but is enjoyable in some way.
6-Average. It just...exists. Anime around here don't really exhibit any stand out qualities.
5-Meh. Meh is worse than average because it's an average where I don't care. Something completely stagnant.
4-Poor. This is an anime with very little to offer.
3-Bad.  Anime in the 3 range exhibit no redeeming qualities, though are sometimes so bad they're laughably good (School Days).
2-Terrible. An anime so bad it should be avoided at all costs.
1-Spawn of Satan. An anime that's as putrid and reprehensible as they come.

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HarioSagara says...

That's a pretty good list, I'm a fan of most of those anime myself. Haven't seen Sora no Otoshimono yet and I've been meaning to watch Steins;Gate for awhile now. Also noticed you're watching Higurashi and judging from your list it should be something you'll enjoy. The second season has a great storyline to it imo. Have fun watching it! 

Sep 7, 2012
AnimeKuroiFuyu says...

Thank you :) You made me feel alot better about myself.. I hope we can be GREAT friends

Aug 30, 2012
BrainBlow says...

Noticed yer comment on Sothis' profile.

Take another look at the 10/10 Bleach review. Take a look at the particular DATE it was posted. A couple things should reveal themselves to you then.

Aug 27, 2012
IndependentSK says...

When I try to read your School Days review, the site says that there is some harmful software, could you fix it?

Aug 26, 2012
RingoStarr1991 says...

I saw that you put Kokoro Connect on your want to watch list...it is IMO pretty good and enjoyable. I do recommend waiting until more episodes come out...I hate waiting -__-

Jul 29, 2012