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It's coming up on my fifth anniversary on the site, half a decade of anime binge-watching and reviewing. I don't really participate on the forums or chat too much with people but I do have over 150 reviews for you to indulge in if you'd like to see my thoughts on certain subjects. I'm not a convention-goer, I don't really talk much about anime outside of the internet. I'm just a casual viewer who writes down his thoughts for fun.

I'm into more adult, serious shows for the most part and have a soft spot for nineties animation especially. I watch a bit of everything but my favorite genre tends to be sci-fi.

About My Scoring:
So many people take offense to a 6 and consider it a bad score, so I thought I'd address that. A six is an above-average. It's a good average and I tend to enjoy shows with that score. Anything above a five can be considered good. A five is an average so boring I rarely write long reviews for fives. And anything below that can be considered trash.

My Favorite Anime:
Outlaw Star
Black Lagoon
Big O



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UsagiDandere says...

Hello! I just read your review on ERASED after I had finished the first episode, and I completely agree with you! I know you said you're not a chatty person, but I was just wondering: what were the other two "Winter 2016" shows (besides ERASED) that you considered to be promising?

P.S. That's awesome that you like Shiki and Steins;Gate! Those are actually my two top favorites x)

Jan 9, 2016
Aerythrin says...

Haha, I know ^_^ I know everyone has their own way of scoring, I am usually overly generous though and a series that scores 5-6 is quite a poor score by my ranking. So by my standard, if I see anime rated 5-6 I always wonder why people don't enjoy them (until reading the review of course which sometimes proves that wrong!)

Nov 17, 2015
paradisecircus says...

I think more than anything, I was just taken by surprise by how heavy it became. I had a certain impression of the show and then they hit you with the heaviness. But I thought the show was good and I enjoyed it. It was amusing though- as it became more intense, I became more and more horrified! Husband asked me how the show was as it was ramping up and I couldn't help but give him a funny look and say, "it's...it's...oh gawd...I didn't realize..." "what, do a bunch of characters die or something?" "Uuuh, yeah you could say that o_O"

Aug 24, 2015
Haremhater119 says...

Thanks now I can mentally prepare myself because it took me a while to go to sleep after watching the first season 

Aug 5, 2015
MomoParadisePeach says...

Hey! Yeah she really is the best XD Think it's cause her story is easiest to relate to and how hard she tries to make everyone happy. The issue of gender one can still undertsand but for the rest... my mother has yet to try and assassinate me nor have I been stranded in a forest for 2-3 weeks that was a simple 3 hour walk from a road XD haha! So yep, agreed - Michiru ftw! 

Jun 15, 2015