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The Best Anime I've ever Watched: 
-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
-The Big O
-Outlaw Star

Ratings Scale:
This score will never be given to anything because nothing is perfect.
9-Masterful. Very few issues and maximum enjoyment.
8-Great. This is an anime that contains flaws but still manages to be entertaining.
7-Above Average. This is the score I tend to give most series. It has many flaws but is enjoyable in some way.
6-Average. It just...exists. Anime around here don't really exhibit any stand out qualities.
5-Meh. Meh is worse than average because it's an average where I don't care. Something completely stagnant.
4-Poor. This is an anime with very little to offer.
3-Bad.  Anime in the 3 range exhibit no redeeming qualities, though are sometimes so bad they're laughably good (School Days).
2-Terrible. An anime so bad it should be avoided at all costs.
1-Spawn of Satan. An anime that's as putrid and reprehensible as they come.


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Inori10 says...

Hello! How are you?

Mar 4, 2015
thor123 says...

HI, just wanted to say that i really like your reviews (although sometimes i don't entirely agree with them): they are elaborate and well-founded, and it isn't just pure ranting or purely praising. Keep up the good work :)

Mar 4, 2015
IndependentSK says...

Yes, they don't usually say anything really valuable, but they are nice to listen to in the background.

And I don't get how those people who make boring chapter/episode reviewers get so many subs, you could have easily watched the whole episode in the time of one video. I also noticed that now that list guy got popular, more and more related videos I see are top lists with clickbait boobs/ass thumbnails.

I get what you mean about commnity, the anime community is pretty shit on most places, it's an echo chamber either filled with casuals or pseudo-elitists with complexes, I have yet to find a decent one, but this one and AniDB are probably the closest.

I kind of wanted watch see SAO to see what the fuss was all about but now I have very little desire to now that every critic hates it.

And I considered writing some reviews, but as you can see I'm not a very good writer, my reviews on MAL were completely downvoted which kind of demotivated me even though I know the community is shit. If you could give me any advice I would be grateful.

And PT are a great band, they've been my favourite band for long time. They are that kind of "cult" band mainstream and most press ignores yet they are absolutely loved in prog circles. Unfortunately, they haven't been active in 5 years, but their frontman Steven Wilson has been releasing succesful solo albums and just recently his 4th came out.

Oceansize, Riverside and Tool are some other great modern prog bands similar to them.

Mar 2, 2015
IndependentSK says...

I used to love Gigguk and Holden, but they haven't made anything in freaking ages, that Arkada guy with ponytail is pretty crappy reviewer, but at least he uploads regularly. And yes, Demo is also pretty good when he doesn't focus on random comedy too much. And that crap list guy (Chronexia I think) is actually sponsored by Crunchyroll now, how great.

From other reviewers I like Digibro, a former brony who got his channel shut down, but he is back now, he does decent analysis although he focuses too much on visuals. ShadowACS, GoatJesus, Riyoga and Hollow of Dawn are also pretty good analysts/reviewers.

I also like BobSamurai, he makes both reviews and various rants and news videos. Or reading The Nihon Review, their reviews, are short, but spot on most of the time.

Rori actually said the best anime years were 2005-2007, so he's not a complete nostalgia fag, he's just sick of otaku pandering like Miyazaki.

And his top 4 anime of last year were Wixoss, JoJo Stardust Crusaders, Daimidaler and Kill la Kill, plus Parasyte which hasn't finished yet. That's pretty weird taste to me. He also found Ping Pong to be boring.

And yeah, he cllearly hasn't watched all the anime he has claimed to, it's pretty obvious when you watch his seasonal overviews and read his reviews which he rarely updates after 3 episodes.

Oh boy, and if you think Rori is bad, there's this guy called DraconsMarch, he is even more of a stuck-up pesudo-elitist than Rori while seeing much less anime, plus he constantly deletes comments and blocks people who disagree with him, including me. His list is also ridiculous, over half of the anime on his list he dropped in first 2 episodes and gave them rating 1-2, I mean, I sometimes watch some crappy anime, but that is just ridiculous. The only reason he became popular in the first place is because he made videos bashing SAO. He and Rori even fell in argument once so they don't talk to each other now.

Mar 1, 2015
IndependentSK says...

The site has been going pretty slow lately, don't know if it's just me, I'm constantly getting logged out.

It's I COULDN'T care less Goddamn


Anyway I am starting to get kind of mixed about him, while his YouTube videos are really informative and critical (Unlike people like Gigguk and that most subscribed channel which jsut makes lame top lists) and I like that he is not afraid to tear apart many shitty overhyped series. However, I really don't like how he has been acting recently with his holier than thou attitude and the fact that he is now a shameless e-beggar, although that's the trend among all anime and game reviewers now.

I'm also getting sick of him being a wrong generation fag constantly saying how all modern anime suck and retro is awesome and his blind hate on sport and slice of life anime because apparently there is not enough for him happening there.

He has also been going to reddit and 4chan now and they hate him even there lol.

Feb 27, 2015