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For more on the characters and plot of Sora no Otoshimono, please refer to my previous reviews of the series where I look at everything in much more depth and you can read all my thoughts on overarching things that the entire series shares.

As you may have noticed if you pay attention to my reviews, I am a fan of Sora no Otoshimono. In fact, I’ve called it my favorite ecchi/harem anime. So with this movie, I expected to be in for quite a ride. Higher production values and an inclusive, long, exciting story, right?

Nope. The movie starts with some original content then degrades into the ever popular recap. One third of the film is a recap of the television series told from the point of view of a character on the sideline who has never been named, but has been seen if only for a few seconds. The recap doesn’t really retell the story in any capacity, you can’t watch the movie and hope to learn what the series is truly about. Instead it seems to focus on the comedic portions more so than the story, which, to me, makes the recap useless. The only redeeming factor is we learn about Hiyori, who I guess is the main character of the movie. She’s in love with the perverted Tomoki (as is everyone apparently…I still don’t know why) and she watches him with his Angeloid friends, very jealous. But when she joins the New World Discovery Club in which all of Tomo’s friends participate, she winds up in a really bad situation despite being close to her crush.

This is where the new content shows up, basically a forty minute OVA. And not a particularly good one. The main points of the plot include: Eishiro discovers more about the capsules in the Synapse, a new Angeloid shows up intent on killing Tomoki, and it’s understood that the Earth may, in fact, be part of some sort of virtual reality or computer program for the Angeloids to find peace.

Truthfully, this movie is boring. The comedy is there for a little bit and funny, but ultimately dies down to about a half an hour of serious plot. While the main plot of the Synapse and Angeloids is interesting, the new Angeloid is not, and the ensuing fight isn’t as good as the one against Chaos in season two. Which means that a lot of the movie is depressingly slow and boring. There’s not a lot to see that is really worth sitting through ninety minutes. The only two things that really need to be seen are the continued exposition about the Synapse, and perhaps the continued development of Nymph. Otherwise, this is a stand-alone film that may have some impact on the third season, but a quick look at Wikipedia will be all you need to really appreciate the story any further.

I hate to say that this film is not worth it, but it’s not. It doesn’t have any higher production values than the show, it doesn’t really add too much overall, and as far as the stand-alone plot goes, it’s none too exciting. It’s a lackluster and disappointing performance, especially for a fan of the show. The qualities that made me enjoy the series are pushed to the side and peek through only briefly, and the qualities of a very basic and uninspired episode of a harem/ecchi are made more prominent.

I’m going to give this one a pass. Fans of the show will enjoy the additions to the plot and some further character development, but everyone who watches will be sorely disappointed.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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