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Trigun: Badlands Rumble is essentially what happens when you put together everything that made Trigun so damn good and throw away everything that made Trigun so damn bad. I am a fan of Trigun, specifically the first act of the series. The episodic adventures of Vash the Stampede were brilliantly executed, exciting, funny, and action packed. Along the way we meet one of my personal favorite anime characters of all time, Wolfwood, and it's all great up until the terrible ending concerning Vash's brother and biblical stuff. It was completely out of place, completely convoluted, and completely ruined the series for me. I couldn't stand the ending, it was as much a let down as Matrix: Revolutions was, as in the first two movies were pretty kick-ass, and then the ending was God-awful. It's the same with Trigun.

But anyway, Trigun: Badlands Rumble doesn't deal with Vash's brother or any of that crap, it instead focuses on his getting thrown into a fight with Gasback, a dastardly robber after the guys who set him up twenty years previously. Along the way Vash meets Amelia, a badass femme fatale who stole the first half of the film. She has some problems with males touching her which leads to some funny moments (I know I have complained that agrophobia isn't funny in previous reviews, but the way Vash exploits it is superb). Also during this little adventure Wolfwood makes an appearance in all his glory.

The plot is not really all that complex or intricate, but it does serve it's purpose and entertains throughout. The comedy is just plain great, the kind you very rarely can get from an anime. On top of that, the action is intense and fun to watch. The main characters dodge bullets like it's nothing and that really adds to the fun.

The animation isn't really all that updated from the 1998 television version. But nonetheless, it looks good and fits the setting perfectly. Everything looks run down and hopeless and the characters remain in all their late 90's anime glory. It's a fantastic homage and will not disappoint fans of the series.

The sound is also excellent. There are quite a few instrumental moments that all fit the mood well and enhance the experience. Sound effects and voice acting are great.

Do I really have to explain the characters? Vash is...Vash. You can't do anything to make him bad. From the "I abhor violence and love eating" Vash to the "I can kill you just by staring at you" Vash, he's not changed and remains all the better for it.

Wolfwood, the most kick ass priest in anime, is still the same as well. Chain smoking, lots of drinking, and lots of shooting.

Amelia is a great addition to the cast and is fun to watch interact with Vash. While watching the movie I kind of wished she had been a member of the original cast. She steals the first half of the show with the bar scene and how she treats Vash, but her later scenes and the final revelation are a bit cliche.

Gasback, our villain, is pretty flat. He fits the bill of being a bad guy, but he doesn't really enthrall or take on a life of his own while doing bad things.

Overall, this is an amazing addition to a series that had been twelve years old when this came out in theaters. It's animation, story, characters, comedy, action; everything is what you want from Trigun. There is nothing in this package that is bad. If you are a fan of Trigun and haven't seen this: SEE IT!

Trigun: Badlands Rumble is a 8/10

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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kennyftw Oct 12, 2012

Completely dissagree with the fact that you think the trigun ending was terrible it was not perfect but no not terrible at all it withstood everything vash believed in yes I wish there was more as well but it was far beyond terrible 

Singan Jul 17, 2012

Spot on review, absolutely agree with it.