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Black Rock Shooter

Feb 10, 2012

It's hard to write a really long and in-depth review concerning an anime OVA that is only fifty minutes long, but I will give you a short and to the point review concerning whether or not this is worth an hour of your life or not.

Black Rock Shooter is a midleading name as it doesn't have as much to do with shooting and black rocks as it does the bonds of friendship formed by two middle school girls named Mato and Yomi. From the very beginning we see a deep bond form between the two and we watch them develop rather quickly into inseperable best friends that seems to be borderline lesbian at a few points. This is all quickly taken away from Yomi by Yuu, who she seems to feel replaces her as Mato's best friend. This leads Yomi into a depressed state.

So where does the whole Black Rock Shooter thing play into what seems to be a sweet little story about friendship? It's in the emotions. Black Rock Shooter is Mato who is fighting an alternate version of Yomi in a pretty f-ed up world of checkerboard patterns and gothic cathedrals. It's a deeper display of emotions that is somewhat confusing at first, but seems to culminate in a worthwhile product toward the end.

The animation is not good, but it is stylized to a certain degree. Characters look fairly bad most of the time while background look average in the real world and awesome in the Black Rock world. The animation is especially choppy during the fights. I did find it to be a lot more stylized then just plain bad though.

The sound is good. There is a wide variety of music used. The voice actors sparsely talk, which adds another layer of depth to the anime, but when they do they fit their roles well.

The three characters of the show are all fairly basic specimens with the exception of the bonds they form. They are typical middle school girls but are also best friends who act accordingly and become much deeper, realistic, and richer because of that.

The only major qualms I have with this anime are in the somewhat strange animation department, the somewhat confusing symbolism behind Black Rock Shooter herself, and the fact that Mato sprains her leg at about the halfway point of the anime yet keeps a bandaid on her knee for about the six months afterword.

Overall, it is a pretty solid anime that I'm glad to see has a whole series being aired currently. It needed a lot more time to explain things and develop the characters, because as they sit, they seem like they could be very solid with just a bit more work.

Black Rock Shooter is an 8.5/10

8/10 story
5/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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