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Working’!! is exactly like Working!! but with an added apostrophe to confuse you. It has the same thirteen episode set up with the same characters, same restaurant, and same jokes. What I’m trying to get at is the fact that this review will be fairly tiny because there’s really not a lot that can be said about this second season of the series that I did not say in my previous review of Working!!.

The story is the same as before with Souta helping to cure Mahiru’s androphobia while working at a family restaurant operated by a big group of misfits. It runs in a somewhat episodic way, with some overflow into the future episodes. That said, that’s about all I need to say. There is not a lot of story being dished out, or anything too complex anyway. Each episode ranges from fun and entertaining to boring and slow. These are especially prevalent around the points with Mahiru, who I complained about previously, and I shall complain about again. While I must commend the series for not making her the focal point and showcasing the others a lot more, she was still really prevalent and out of all the characters she is one of the worst. Thankfully, my prayers were answered and the cute romance between Jun and Yachiyo gets a lot more screen time and, while not going anywhere (just like every romance and major plot point of the series), still gives the characters added depth and a much more realistic feel than any of the others. The biggest plot aside from the androphobia concerns a guy looking for his sister. He’s not a particularly interesting or funny character, and this plot goes nowhere. Which is the problem with the series is that it just doesn’t develop. And there is a reason for this, that being Working!! is based on a comic strip which is the reason they use the same gags again and again and the characters never develop. So I guess I can be somewhat lenient based on that fact, but at the same time I feel that somebody should have taken the initiative and said something about tying up the romances or plots and at least ending the series with a bit of a bow on top. Instead it ends like any other episode and hopes I’ll return. Does this mean I can expect a season three called Working’,!! or is it just a tease like most anime endings? Time will tell I guess.

The animation is once again pretty unsubstantial. It’s good, but it’s not anything that will make you say "wow". Character designs just aren’t that fantastic and memorable.

The sound is okay. The theme song for this season is not as catchy as the previous one, and the ending isn’t as great either. The sound during the show fits perfectly fine.

For more on characters, please refer to my previous review. Which makes me sound lazy, but I’d feel lazier if I copy and pasted the exact words about each of the characters in this spot. Everyone is the same. There are no differences and no character development so you don’t have to worry about me saying anything. Once again, Maya Matsumoto, the self-proclaimed “Normal girl” returns with lines during the last episode, but remains a mute throughout, though can be seen in the background. She actually works with the crew in the last episode and seems to have some sort of relationship with all of them, but yet she is never used throughout to instill a sense of normality in the show. It just doesn’t feel right for a character who has been there to magically have lines the last episode and become part of the plot. It’s like someone forgot about her up to that point and then quickly wrote her into the script.

Yeah, this review is very short by my standards, but it’s the best I can really do without copy and pasting my review of the previous season. If you liked Working!!, you’ll love this season. It’s not really an improvement, though the shift of focus from androphobia is a big part of what makes this season slightly better, but it is a good addition to the franchise. Will there be more episodes? Who knows. Will I welcome them? Sure I will, but I don’t know how willingly. While I enjoy the occasional comedy/slice of life adventure, there has to be some development and growth and Working’!! doesn’t provide either. As it progresses, it grows staler with the same brand of comedy and the same pointless romances that go in circles. It started off fun and felt like it may go somewhere and continue to entertain, but the problem is it just starts to flatline here. With the occasional good episode and the typical average ones, it never seems to find its stride and only occasionally makes a joke that is laugh-worthy, because all the others we have heard.

Overall, Working’!! is a step in the right direction, but the entity taking that step is growing old and tired and needs to be rested before it can go any further. If there were to be a third season, there would have to be a sense of freshness that this anime rarely provides.

A 5/10

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall
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