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Sep 18, 2011

Needless is, as the name implies, needless. Needlessly violent, needlessly stupid, and needlessly likeable for some reason. It’s replete with action, comedy, and enough fan service to make Kokonoe Rin blush, but it comes across as almost a parody half of the time instead of something really trying. At least, toward the beginning. The end tries to take a more serious route and while it does succeed, it succeeds in giving us a cliche story that could have been left out and still maintain the integrity of the show. If there were no back story is could have been a parody or a comedy but with that background it seems like it’s actually trying to be something real.

It’s hard to classify Needless as anything because of this. It’s Shounen, but is it a comedy, an action story? While it can be both, it changes tone so fast you don’t know what hit you.

There is a story to this series, which I found strange at first because the series starts with what appears to be a very basic plot of an evil corporation full of super-powerful people fight a resistance of super powerful people. But later on we get a background plot of science experiments and creating god and all kinds of really thing biblical stuff that is trying to make the show sound smarter than it really is. And the problem with the story in the series is it follows the same basic plot as Trigun and Trinity Blood. Spoiler The good guy and bad guy are experiments, pretty much brothers. And they are both called Adam to go with Eve. Which is a lot like Cain and Abel from Trinity Blood.

While I can accept the biblical parts, it just seems needless (Ba-ba-ching). There’s also a thin plot about the main character, Cruz’s sister but none of it is really that great. The story is weak and there seems to be a bit too much of it toward the end when we’ve been exposed to fight scene after fight scene mixed with comedy, breaking the flow of things.

In other words, don’t come to Needless expecting quality story-telling.If it were to boil down to anything, Needless is the story of a bunch of people with powers in a post-apocalyptic world where they fight each other formulaicly for twenty-four episodes.

I had no problem with the animation. Characters looked a lot like those from Gurren Lagann which was a bit of a problem at first (Cruz=Simon)(Eve=Yoko)(Blade=Kamina). But it doesn’t matter, the animation is perfectly fine, though it isn’t amazing. It’s average.

I decided to watch the dubbed version and wasn’t surprised that there were quite a few voice actors who were god awful, including Cruz’s sister who had to have been played by a robot. I guess the main characters did competently but…you know. I don’t expect much from my dubs.

The first opening and ending song for the show is good, but the second opening and ending isn’t. Within the show, the heavy metal soundtrack is pretty good.

This is a typical screen-cap from this show.

Believe it or not, the characters in this show are average! There are a lot of characters but very few actually stand out. Blade is a lolicon priest who is probably the funniest character in the show, Cruz is an emo kid, Eve is a ditzy girl with big boobs. There’s a scientist who states the obvious or reiterates what somebody has just said.There are the girls of the Beautiful Girl Squadron, all of whom have no substance, though I like the seemingly mute lesbian one, Kuchinashi. The bad guy, Adam Arclight, is generic.

So, not much to talk about in this department.

It’s funny because she’s kind of mute! Ha…ha?

An anime that prides itself on violence, panty shots, and comedy? It has to be good right? Fight scenes are too damn long, and when you have a twenty-four episode anime, you don’t want to stretch out ten episodes as one fight scene in the same room. Seriously, from episode nine to nineteen or so the show takes place in a single room. It gets rather boring and so does the anime. It starts fast-paced and promising but ends rather dully. I heard that the fight scenes in this show were some of the best in anime and I would like to tell the person who said that to suck a dick because the fight scenes in this show were lame and basic. I was not impressed by this show at all, but it was a decent distraction. It had some good moments, a lot in fact, but it was just so trite and basic and as it continued it tried to inject story but failed.

Meh, it’s okay. If you like shounen, watch this. If you don’t, then don’t watch this.

I’m gonna give it a 4/10.

This is cause for fan service!

Main character Cruz infiltrates an all-girl school, disguising himself as a girl, in order to find his sister. All the female characters from the show are there and ready to show their panties and naked bodies to you. Lots of comedy gold as Cruz is made to hide his penis from everyone. One of the girls thinks it is a strange blister. He is found out to be a boy but not allowed to leave the school so made to stay after he finds his sister and join secret Idol classes where the girls learn to sing and dance on stage. He sings and dances with his sister at the end.

It is a beautiful, uproarious story sure to tug at your heart strings because we have all been in a situation where we put on a dress and infiltrate an all-girls school. There is enough fan service within twelve two minute episodes to keep you happy for ages if you are in the mood for some shaft waxing. It is super awesome spectacular awesome-sauce and you will enjoy it much!

(In other words, what the fuck was this, and why did I watch it?)
A 4/10

What a scathing review! Poor Kuchinashi was the only one left alive!

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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