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May 16, 2011

FLCL is the single strangest piece of animation I've ever seen, period. What makes it so strange is not just the plot, but the characters, the setting, the animation, the sound: everything about this anime makes about as much sense as...well, nothing. It's not totally incoherent and you can follow the plot, but new plot threads are introduced every episode and whatever the plot actually is, it just doesn't matter because by the end, your mind is blown.

I can't even rate the story of this show because I'm too confused by it. I don't want to give the story a good or bad rating though because I don't want you to either be turned off or turned on to this anime without good reason. If you haven't seen this yet it's a toughie to suggest it just based on the plot. If you are looking for coherence, don't look at this. But if you are looking for a story written by a group of people presumably snorting coke or smoking weed, then take a look at this.

The animation is surprisingly stylized and neat. Environments aren't the most detailed but are still enjoyable. Character design is pretty good. One of the big things about this anime is that parts of it are in manga form, there's a part done a la South Park. These two parts are well done and hilarious.

FLCL has one of the best ending themes ever. The music is great, a lot of Japanese rock that fits in great with everything. The American voice actors all do a good job. Not much to complain about in this section.

The characters of the show are somewhat generic except for Haruko who steals the show, as she should. Takune, as the main character, is just too boring and stoic and while all the random stuff happening to him is funny, the genericism of his character never provides laughs from his end. Haruko, in other words, pretty much holds the show together and drags it along. Which is sad, the only other character who provides enough laughs and enough likability to even be given a second though is a guy with large eyebrows that everyone makes fun of.Takune's father is pretty funny too, but he isn't around enough. I wish he were onscreen a lot more often.

This is the kind of show that makes you wonder what the heck Gainax was thinking when they decided to do this show. Not that that's a bad thing, the six episodes of this show are all more memorable then animes fifty times as long. It's characters aren't all great, but Haruko will definately stay with you long after the shows finish and the insanity of it all will stay with you. There are very few anime that are like this, and this may be the only anime of it's kind. For much more refined comedy that makes fun of Gainax, anime, and Japanese society overall, watch FLCL. While Gainax newest attempt at comedy, Panty and Stocking, is another anime like this that you may have watched, FLCL just has a much different feel.

Watch FLCL. I promise it's good.

?/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall

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Shuhan Oct 22, 2012

this is a weird anime not to mention the best freaky anime ever. and the story!!! yeah i can't rate it too.