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Tiger and Dragon

27 JUN

I mistakenly downloaded TORADORA after somebody reccomended I watch Tiger and Bunny. Was part way through the second episode before I figgured I had the wrong thing, it was the lack of mechas that tipped me off.

up to #21 now and still enjoying it. I like that Ryuuji still doesnt really know whats going on as I've often felt like that. Upon mooving I've found myself in the same situation as Sumire (the president) where a girl was into me but it was too late to do anything about it. I've also been perplexed like Ryuuji when he finds out that Tiger and Ami actually get on really well. I suppose Tiger had to talk to somebody about Ryuuji and that it couldn't be Minori.

havent done much other that work/sleep and watch this this week, should finish it tonight. I'ts almoast as though I started reading a book.

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raskalnickoff avatar raskalnickoff
Jun 28, 2013

was getting annoyed by the last episode, but after the song it was all good.

Got to reccomend this anime but mainly because the place I am at this week.

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