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What can I say, Im an addict! I love this shit and thats not going to change.

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Bamboocha Apr 21, 2012

Webcomic "Tower of God" was split into 2 parts. First part has 78 chapters and second atm 11. Please update ur chapter list.



spoodles Jun 27, 2010


Haven't been on here since... since fucking last year. Seriously. 

Ah well.

Manbitch, have you watched Brotherhood yet? Final episode comes out soon. And I must say, I'm pretty satisfied with this series. A little "meh" here and there but I am hard to please as usual, so don't be discouraged by my criticism. 

Nonetheless, I'm feeling a bit down now that it's coming to an end. 

Is it me or is quality anime hard to find? 

I've been hitting on the 2010 list to check out the new shit they have out but most of it is ecchi and slice of life. Fuck that. I need some bigger-than-your-world plot. Some philosophical jizz.

I'll soothe my disappointment by re-watching any existing queer anime. 

Edit your fucking profile too. You're not in High School anymore, motherfucka. And you get brownie points for mentioning me. I know I'm awesome.


FalseDawn Sep 8, 2009

Yo, noticed your post on sothis's user page - just browse all titles and then click on Rank. That's how I did it. Apparently Code Geass R2 is at #1.

spoodles Jun 30, 2009


Watch Hitman Reborn. It's really fawking good. My little sister was being a complete peeve about it until I finally caved in and watched it with her - poor thing, she had to watch all 60+ something episodes all over again. Well whatever, she's my miniature bitch.

Anyway, the first 18 episodes are just un-serious, gaggy, cute fluffy ordinary-kid-turns-into-lame-hero scenarios.

HOWEVER MANBITCH, I suggest you to bear with it and watch it! Because it will be worth it! Trust me. I'm like an addict.

At first, you may be like: "Whaddafawk is this shit? And is that a baby with a gun? Is that a salamander on his shoulder? Why is there a giant flame on his forehead?"

Get over it. This is anime. Reality matters not.

If you wanna be like the little impatient  turd I am, you can watch episodes 1-6 to get the gist of the damn thing, and  then skip right to 19. I didn't watch the 19th episode and regret it cuz' my sister told me this cute kid was introduced and blah blah blah, just watch it. Fuuta's fucking cool.

22-26 is AWESOME. Then there will be a couple of filler eps or just random poop eps. THEN at 33 and ^ the awesomness begins again. I have yet to get to the future arc but I will get there eventually.

So yeah. That is all.

Oh, and don't try to be a slick booger. Even if you take this challenge upon you, I will finish this series before you do, manbitch. And I have to fucking work for a living unlike your lazy ass.

You're coming to my house on friday. Bring all your fun thingamabobs and shenanigans.

I have the vodka.

And no porn this time, kay'?


I'm totally friggin' kidding. Bring your ass-stash.




Kari5 Nov 29, 2008

"I LOVE anime/manga, just like any other teenager in my school" Teens at your school like anime? Wow, when I was in high school there was just a few of us. You're lucky.