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Hi yall,I really don't much to say about about myself other than i love anime.and i can't get enough of it,and i'll keep watching it.


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Kapika says...

Ok. I saw a five minute clip and I'm hooked. You should try Needless.

Feb 11, 2011
nyamo says...

I recommend the wolf and spice. it's use clear grammars and there is ruby on Kanji of a little hard to reading. suitable for intermediate learners. in japan, for junior high school student and over.Haruhi is interesting but is used winding expressions than that

Jul 12, 2009
nyamo says...

what title are you reading?

Jun 9, 2009
nyamo says...


be patiently.

i think how to lern is the same with almost laungages.

it's a better to read a lot of books. have you ever read Japanese book?

May 28, 2009
nyamo says...


i heard the large companies that managed English school often broke these years...

if you can speak Japanese enough, you can easily came true.

May 27, 2009