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Greetings, fellow anime viewers. It's the ever opinionated RandomRedneck, here to dispense his wisdom, with another anime review. I'll be frank. This show sucks. Sucks HARD.Terrible characters, no story, poor animation, bad music...this is gonna be a fun review. This is Gokujo. Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari. Let us begin, shall we?


At 6 minutes, there is barely a story to be had. Typical episode plot goes as such. Aya does something stupid, causes hell for everyone else, roll credits. And features such well written gems as shoving ping-pong balls up peoples butts, one character sticking an electric toothbrush down her panties, and Aya shoving a garden hose in hers. Fun stuff huh? Moving on...


Animation is standard, if a little on the cheap side. Said cheapness is visible at several points. Such as when Aya is being drug behind a motorcycle, and it looks like they slapped a cardboard cutout in the show. Like everything else, animation is terrible.


Both the opening and ending theme suck...that's really all to deliver on the sound front. Frankly, it's a shame they managed to get some talented V.A.'s(Like Yoko Hikasa and Ayana Taketatsu of K-On! and Natsumi Takamori of Zero no Tsukaima) to voice this travesty. They do a passable job at least.


More accurately, character. There is only one character who needs to be discussed here. Aya Akabane. The cherry on the top of this crap sundae. A horrible character in EVERY respect. A personality as appealing as a constipated Wolverine...on fire, horribly dressed, not all that impressive in the looks department(Seriously, look at her during that last scene of the OP. Ugh.) and yet somehow, despite being a total harpy, EVERYONE wants to be friends with her. Despite her being a rude, abusing, panty thief.(Long story) Even when she loses her memory, and becomes likeable, her idiot friends try changing her back...oy. Aside from her, we have Typical Stoic, Typical Pervert, Typical Friends, and Typical Rich Girl. The only decent character is Aya's sister, and that's because she regularly abuses Aya when she shows up.


This show is an abomination. Thankfully, it seems to realize this, and compresses the awfulness into 6 minute episodes. Even then, there is nothing worth watching about this show. Avoid it like the plague. That is all. Thank you.

Yours truly,


1/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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skolnikc Apr 23, 2012

I would take your word for it, but you don't seem to have a particularly quintiessential taste in anime. Eh, I still don't think I'll watch it. Looks like a waste of time.

CoolHandMike Apr 23, 2012

That's hilarious.