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Itoshi no Kana

Nov 2, 2011

Greetings, fellow manga readers. It's RandomRedneck, here with another manga review. For this review, I give my opinion on a manga that appears to just be straight smut at first(...it is smut, but it has its better points) but turns out to be oddly heartwarming, and... just good. Itoshi No Kana. Let us begin, shall we?


The story goes as such. Daikichi Amano is down on his luck. No job, no money, nothing. So, with nowhere else go, he moves into a decrepit apartment building. And wouldn't you know it, a ghost named Kana just happens to live there as well. The story usually goes one of two ways. Daikichi and Kana humping each others brains out, or the two of them just doing...stuff. Going to the store, contemplating life and death, visiting a bathhouse, all that good stuff. You might expect a few things (Kana moving on, finding out who she really was, a love triangle between Daikichi, Kana, and Utako) but it never happens. In fact, the story doesn't really have an ending. It just ends after a year with the two of them. You might be annoyed that certain questions are never answered, but it works. At least in my opinion it does.


Art is actually pretty good. When it wants to, it manages to look really awesome, like the sakura tree in the courtyard, or Kana and Daikichi on the Ferris Wheel. And the um...actions...between Kana and Daikichi are...nicely drawn.


A good selling point for this manga. These characters are good, because even though their lives all suck, they really don't angst about it. Daikichi is broke, living in a crappy apartment, Kana is dead, Utako is a broke street musician...and they're all rather chipper. Their back stories are only hinted at(How Daikichi lost everything, who Kana was, and why she killed herself, what brought Utako there) but never fully revealed. And that's a good thing. They all find reasons to be happy, so they don't feel the need to dwell on the past, and I like that.


Look past the smut aspect of this manga, and you'll find a genuinely good story, with a nice story, interesting characters, and is just overall entertaining. Itoshi No Kana. You won't be sorry. Thank you.

Yours truly,


7/10 story
7.5/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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hoffstyle May 7, 2013

This is why you're my anime bro, Redneck. I wouldn't have found this until I decided to look at your manga.

Just started reading it and I don't know why but I think it was about the 3rd(?) chapter, there is this kind of melancholy and deep sadness underneath the "chipper" characters as you described. The translation isn't garbage and it really sets the mood. Call me a pussy but when he described how he wanted to die and she stopped him, it just hit me right in the gut.Thanks man.