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Jun 13, 2011

Howdy fellow anime viewers. Its RandomRedneck again, offering my opinion on another show I've seen. You hear the words "Great anime" tossed around a lot. And every time someone brings up one of these great anime's, some jerk will swoop in and call it trash...bad news for you, I'm one of those jerks. And in this review, i give my thoughts on the supremely overrated spectacle that is Baccano. Let us begin shall we?


The story as it is, is some kind of confusing, leap back and forth through time deal. And due to way too many characters, some kind of stupid plot about immortals, and general bad writing, its a jumbled mess. And don't get me started on the flashback episode on the ship, that served very little purpose, and just introduced a couple of plot lines that are never explained or resolved. Creepy shadow demon guy? Yeah, he never comes up again.


Its passable at best. Nothing that wowed me (nothing about this show wowed me, but that's another matter). You aren't gonna be staring slack jawed at this shows animation, lets just leave it at that.


Its alright. That opening theme is a pretty catchy piece of work...ending theme not as much, but its not terrible. The rest of the score i heard is some typical, 1930's noir sounding  stuff. Again, not great, but not terrible either.


Oh boy, this is the section of this review i was looking forwards to. If you've seen me talk about this show before, you know what the bulk of this part will be devoted to. But that will come in a moment. Characters in this show, excluding Ladd Russo and Graham Specter(Yeah, he's in the specials, but i didn't feel like writing two reviews, so i mentioned him here) are this shows big weak point. We have Firo, who i guess is kind of the protagonist...except he doesn't really do anything. He just kind of...is. He is such a bland character i honestly forgot about him sometimes. Jacuzzi and his gang...god, i hate that guy. Nice is actually another passable character, but not enough to really impress me. Chane...she's mute and has a knife. That about it for her. Ennis...just as bland and uninteresting as Firo. Creepy immortal kid and creepy immortal old bad guy...boring. Now then, the part I've been waiting for. Notice who wasn't mentioned up there? Yup. Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent...never have i seen two characters who can so effectively ruin what could have been a good show. These two serve NO purpose other than to be annoying, unfunny space wasters, who do absolutely nothing during the whole show. Comic relief characters are an easy thing to screw up, and boy howdy did they screw up with these two. Every scene with them made me wanna rip my monitor off my desk and toss it through the nearest window. And the kicker? Warning, this is a spoiler...they become immortal and don't realize it UNTIL 2001! And they actually don't realize, they are such morons, they assume they've been reborn several times...good lord, someone shoot me.


Boring, tedious, unfunny comic relief, bad story lines, characters that put you to sleep with how uninteresting they are...Baccano is best avoided if you like entertaining shows. That is all. Thank you.

Yours truly,


4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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