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Gokujou Drops

Apr 27, 2011

Hello fellow...manga readers? Yup. It's RandomRedneck, branching out into reviewing a manga for once. And for my first manga review, I'll be offering my opinion on Gokujou Drops. Why? Why not? Let us begin shall we?


I'll be honest, this thing is a little thin on the plot. But it goes as such. Komari has made a deal with her father that she can live on her own in the city. The hitch being she has to live in a dorm room. There aren't any left (Shocker huh?) So the dorm office chick tells her to go check out the Haraiso Yakata, the dorm for all the elite chicks, and tells her she can stay there if one of its members sponsors her. When she gets there, she slips, conks her head, wakes to see a pretty girl standing above her, and becomes said girls (Yukio) Uke (Yaoi term. Actually found this thing thanks to the article on TvTropes. It basically means she's the bitch) in about 2 pages. From there, it's a typical schoolgirl lesbian romance thing. Again, this thing isn't plot heavy.


Art is alright I guess. Nothing that's gonna wow you. It gets a higher score thanks to the several scenes of Yuri goodness. Yeah, it gets a higher mark because I'm a perv. Deal with it.


Like any typical schoolgirl yuri thing, we have the two typical main characters. The shy, stumbling over her words girl (Komari) and the emotionally distant pretty girl she's crushing on. (Yukio) Hmm, rich Ojou with the last name Himemiya? If you get that reference, mazel tov. The rest of the characters basically just exist to frequently molest Komari. The only other members that made an imprint on me were the twins. Why? Read and find out.


Need a quick (it's only 3 issues) manga with some frequent amounts of Yuri goodness, that isn't real plot heavy? Check out Gokujou Drops. You won't be sorry. Thank you.

Yours truly.


4.5/10 story
6/10 art
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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