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Greetings fellow anime viewers(and people bored enough to read another review by me) its RandomRedneck with a review of another show. This time, i give my thoughts on a show that reeked of average to me. That show is called, "They are my noble masters." And trust me, no one is really all that noble in this show. Let us begin shall we?



The story goes as such. Ren, and his highly annoying sister Mihato have run away to the city to escape an abusive father. As you can guess, two teenagers running away from home are gonna have issues. Money and jobs being the biggest. And, conveniently, a girl just happens to pass out on the street near them. That girl is named Miyo, she's rich, invites them to her home, yadda yadda yadda, they get hired by her older sister Shinra as a butler and a maid. From there you get a typical harem-ish anime plot.




Its alright actually. Nothing award winning, but it works.  What annoyed me was the background characters. They are just drawn as orange and green paper cut out looking things.




Highly unimpressed here. The ending and opening are both like taking a cheese grater to your ear drums, and Shinra's classical nonsense isn't gonna wow you.




And here is where Redneck gets annoyed. This show has two passable characters. Ren and Natose, that awesome chick with the eye patch. The others? Your typical assortment of anime characters types. You have the ojou(Shinra) the smart one(Miyu) the "please notice me" youngest sibling(Yume) the tsundere(Benisu) and the "For the love of god, shoot this bitch"(Agahe). A particular annoyance, is during a scene near the end, where these super powered chicks fall prey to that old chestnut, "The standard female grab area".



Average, unimpressive, hard to stomach characters, and an ear rape of a opening and ending theme.  If you like those, check out "They are my noble masters". If not, you best steer clear. Thank you.


Yours truly,



6/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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saladin92 Mar 25, 2011

Good review, I agree with most parts. Especially, the sound was really horrible, I skipped the OP/ED all the time after checking it out briefly during the 1st episode.

In terms of the character, I thought the former soldier butler guy was interesting to see. All the beam shootig and kamehameha nonsense was pretty cheesy but still funny.

I kind of wish I had seen more of yume's classmates (the sporty one and M girl) but I am also glad that the show ended rather qucikly on 13 eps.