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Guess who? Yes, it's the master of overbearing opinions, RandomRedneck, here to bless(Or curse, more likely) you with another anime review.

Back during the summer season of 2011, we saw what happens when you give a decent franchise to CLAMP, who proceeded to drag the Blood franchise through the mud, with the pile of dreck known as Blood -C. Well, the conclusion is here, in convenient movie form! Can it end the series on a good note? The answer is no. This is Blood -C: The Last Dark. Let us begin, shall we?


Did you expect there to be a good story? Well, prepare to be disappointed. It's your basic, bland, and uninteresting revenge story. Which gets dragged along for the course of the movie, and ends with a weak conclusion.


Like the show, animation is the only thing that's done right here. Though most of the budget seemed to go to animating Noodle Body Driver Guy. Considering there's like, 3 fights the whole movie, they don't use it to their advantage. And don't get me started on how ridiculous the final monster was...


Sound fails pretty hard. The ending credits theme is an ear screeching POS, and to top it off, we get the ever annoying voice of Yuuki Kaji, doing his traditional "Guy who yells a lot" voice. Fun...


Oh, characters. The fun part of every review. Thankfully, Saya isn't the annoying, Genki Schoolgirl she was in the movie...that's the job of Mana, who henceforth shall be called "Saya Red". Cause that's all she is. A photocopy of Saya from the show, but with red hair, and no superpowers. Which means she's even more useless than she was. Saya herself is supposed to evoke her tough personality from the original movie. But, thanks to the noodle people design CLAMP loves, she just comes off as a revenge seeking Tsun-Tsun. I'm not even gonna bother with the others, who serve practically zero purpose. There's Generic Driver, Generic Hacker, and Generic Yuuki Kaji character.


Like the show is came from, this movie is a pile not worth your time. Go watch something that won't have you banging your head in annoyance. That is all. Thank you.

Yours truly,


2/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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folie Apr 25, 2013

Good news , this move was bad enough to make me forget what it was about in less than 2 months.

Zhingen Mar 4, 2013

If any conclusion...I had literally no idea what the fuck was going on in the ending, and what his purpose was etc.. etc...

folie Mar 4, 2013

Better than the anime but still shit. But yeah ,they did all the could to make the animations good even tho they weren't much in the end.