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Hi, my name is rajohn guzman Most recently from East Coast, originally from the Quad cities area and to this day miss my home town.

I have an awesome free time,I prefer all cold weather , specially the summer and the heat.

High Tech has been a part of my life for the last 7 years and most recently primarily on the Web.

I seem to be drawn to technology and love all the high tech gadgets out there.
Things as they are, more and more people are seeking advice from people who have walked the walk and can teach others how to benefit from what they went through. Just ask if you need to know something from me.

I am a technician in the field of Science project management software.

I have my favorite sites , nyc tours
empire state bldg have a new york roaming through empire state

Learning about new things is one of my passions.

when possible I volunteer for for valid causes that help the environment.

I am to be a part of this Website and look forward to meeting you online here.

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