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Well, im 20 i live in the UK and i love anime, all types of anime (except those shitty high school ones, goddamn i hate those!). Im also a gamer, i like to play mostly RPG's or fighting games but ill pwn your face at an FPS if you ask nicely.

Ok ive just about got all the animes ive watched, and are currently watching in my list :| im already an otaku! they should really raise the bar on that one :P to around 4 months or so, i dont personally class myself as an otaku, but i am in love with anime lol.

Anyway if anyone wants to know anything about any of the anime ive seen, or wants a short summary of what their about, and why they should even watch that particular series/ova/movie, give me a message im always happy to advise other anime lovers such as myself.

Anyway if you want, add me to your friends :)

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skye456 Feb 16, 2008

Yeah, I'm thinking about watching it eventually. Since so many people have said a few things about it....

Animedreamer240 Feb 15, 2008

Daaaaaaaan! I've been around! D= But bogged down with work lately. ><  Hope to see you sooooon.

skye456 Jan 31, 2008

I've been taking a bit of a break from them xD. But I'm really liking Night Head Genisis, it seems pretty interesting. What about you??

skye456 Jan 31, 2008

Hey you. Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing! ~

LS3D Jan 20, 2008

lol double post