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This. Now THIS surprised me. 

Usually, I'm not a fan of anime with a bazillion and one fangirls because they tend to overlook the story due to the number of bishonen present. Anime like that irk the hell out of me and I never touch them. Vampire Knight made me want to kill something due to its lack of plot and lackluster characters. Needless to say I was bored at episode one.

As for Ouran... not so.

Ouran High School Host Club is the story of poor Haruhi who ends up joining the host club because of a monstrous debt. In time, Haruhi learns to enjoy the host club and the other hosts in it.

Usually, when someone does a reverse harem anime, most of the characters have barely little characterization taped on. They just stand around and look pretty. Here, I love how each of the characters have distinct and quite vibrant personalities. Tamaki is a ham to say the least and fancies himself a prince charming but somehow, his goofiness and not his charisma made him my favourite. Kyouya's notably the cool type... with a materialistic streak. Hikaru and Kaoru went from being uncaring assholes to the goofball characters while Honey and Mori-sempai have the best chemistry of all.

Though the cast is enjoyable, the plot is quite predictable. I mean it's quite obvious that two people end up liking said person... the manga's not done though which leaves a bit of a regrettable flavor in my mouth. The ending of the anime was satisfactory enough and makes you want to pick up the manga just to find out what happens. 

This is how one should do a reverse harem anime!  

7/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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WittyKatts Aug 15, 2010

I agree completely. Although it was predictable, it was quite refreshing, and I believe this was the anime that made me obsess over gender bender for awhile. xD A very good anime that I would recommend to anyone who loves a cute romance.