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i have red hair.

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Bixie says...

Ooohh nice avatar!  Is that Alucard? 

Oct 16, 2008
Termia says...

no problem at all. i also have a good pc, but it doesn't have a connection to the internet :'(

i also have the biggest monitor and an astounding sound system, just no internet ~cries~

Oct 16, 2008
Termia says...

hahaha, i'm working on d.gray man, but atm i'm also busy with the other series. takes a lot of time... my sister also steals the laptop (well... she claims it's her turn...) so i can't watch any further. but d.gray man will certainly rise in number soon (i think on saturday and sunday, seems right days for it)

Oct 16, 2008
Termia says...

let's see ~scouts here own list~

apart from the FMA movie, you have zombie loan, naruto (just see if you like it), soul eater, one piece (lots of humor) and a few others. just go to my profile, click on anime and you will see a whole list (just as on your own page, only then it's mine).

i've rated all shows, so you can see what i thought about them. what i saw with your ratings is that you think about the same bout anime, exept for the fact that you dropped bleach ;)

Oct 16, 2008
Termia says...

hahah, it's easier to post a reply on our pages, i was checking out your anime stats (you really have some good things yet too see)

to reply on our own pages just push the: "leave comment for [user name]" and your good to go (you can also watch people's anime lists and stuff)

Oct 16, 2008