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i have red hair.

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Bixie says...

well top righthand ii says forum. click that and it takes you to the forums and then on the far left, I think it says register. Then go from there. If you have any questions just ask!


Oct 17, 2008
Bixie says...

Oh, try to watch Advent Children if you can! And if I have any questions I'll remember to ask! Btw, You need to join the forums!!!

Oct 17, 2008
Termia says...

well... i will see if i can buy that game some time (money's kinda tight over here...)

i know, isn't my list great? most of the anime are still: want to watch, but it will change... for the better i hope (keep jumping into series i actually want to watch as well)

wasn't murder princes already in my list? ah well... guess i should ad it ;)

Oct 17, 2008
Bixie says...

Yes I just recently got into RPGs but I'm no good at them. I do enjoy the FF series and it was FF that got me into Anime. Have you watched Advent Children or played Dirge of Cerberus? Let me know, ok.  Yeah, I still have a lot of good anime to watch. 

Oct 16, 2008
Bixie says...

OMG, I love Dante!!! FTW too!

Oct 16, 2008