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School Days

Jul 26, 2011

Well, well, well. Where should I begin?

School Days is not your typical School-life romance anime everyone loves and enjoys. At first glance, this series seems like a typical Boy likes Girl 1, Girl 2 helps Boy get Girl 1, Boy doesn't like Girl 1 afterall and likes Girl 2. Typical Love Triangle story, for the first 3 episodes. Then, well, let's just say shit. goes. down.


Story! It's a long one: 7


Aside from the typical introduction this series isn't any other anime, taking a dark, evil, shakesperian-esqe story. With most Shakespear stories, will end in tragedy. From the begining, Itou Makoto is the "Main" "PRO"tagonist of this story. He takes a liking to a girl on the same train as him, Kotonoha Katsura. Another girl that sits next to him in his class, Sekai Saionji, vows to help him get the girl. Little did Itou know that Sekai likes him as well! Oh! The love-triangle forms!

Itou gets the girl! Three episodes into the twelve episode series! So guess what, he ends up not liking her! After Sekai gives him "special training" to understand Katsura more, spoiler alert: they did it. Itou tries to get aggresive, or rapey, with Katsura. She disapproves and he grows towards Sekai. Sekai constantly disapproves, but she somehow "loses" these battles! Oh DARN! Well, Itou starts getting intimate, ala sexual, with Sekai, without breaking it off with his GIRLFRIEND.

After many awkward encounters and evasive manuvers by Itou to avoid Katsura, everyone begins to think they're over. Except Katsura. Yup, breaking up isn't a one-person thing, takes two. Lesson Learned. Cutting to the chase, Katsura starts going down the road of denial or madness, pick your side. Then Sekai's friend and my favorite character of the series, Setsuna Kiyoura, tries to cut the ties between Katsura and Itou for the good of everyone. Kiyoura asks for anything for Itou to dedicate himself to Sekai, even giving her "cherries" up. Guess what your Triangle just evolved into a SQUARE!

The School's Festival comes along, and guess what everyone thinks it's a wonderful time to get intimate with our little fuck up Itou. So, while still avoiding Katsura, cheating on her with Sekai, and keeping the secret relationship with Kiyoura a secret, our "PRO"tagonist, Itou, decides to get it on with neighborhood bully of class 1-4, Otome Katou, you know that square? Well it's a pentagon.

Itou finally manages up the balls to "break" it off with Katsura, sending her further down the stages of, well hell, madness. This is when Kiyoura's incident occurs. When Itou got it on with Otome, you'll never guess, it was filmed. Talk about shit hitting the fan, Sekai confronts him after days of absence, with big news! However, before she confronts him, every. YES, EVERY. Girl EXCEPT ONE, a very awesome Nanami Kanroji, decides this would be the perfect time to sleep with him! What? Did sexual education come to this school? What happened to AIDS or Herpes? Like damn! His best friend, is a more suitable canidate, and with less STDs.

Well Shit hits multiple fans and Sekai's pregnate, oh hot damn. Pentagon is a circle. And Katsura is still mad. The ending is to fucked up to explain, so you'll have to watch it. This crazy, crazy storyline does reach a realistic tone, but then is tarnished by this guys stubborness. Like I was saying "Who would do this?" the second half of the series.


Animation / Design: 7


After writing that, well let the slacking commence! The animation is really quite mediocre at best. With it's best being towards the ending. Using gimmics such as, a knee to the balls explosion, fist slamming, faces apparently slapped without showing, and *cough* stabbing *cough*.

Design is where it's at, having wonderful backgrounds and constructions, except for a few bright points in the series.


Sound / Music: 9


The voice acting is really alright, except the secondary characters. I feel the secondary characters got much better voice actors especially Kiyoura.

The music really does intensify any situation in the series whether it's someone learning the truth, the first kiss, or *cough* stabbing *cough*. The Intro music is also really good, making the Sounds of this series it's strongest point.


Characters: 4


OH BOY, the best part. MAIN CHARACTERS!

Makoto Itou: This, excuse my french, Douchebag, is a prime example of what you shouldn't be. Itou let his Sexual Wants get the better of him, with the help of Sekai, throughout the series. This guy also has this nice guy reputation, but it's only there for maybe the first two episodes. He also has more STDs then any Anime character.

Sekai Saionji: The trigger to this whole shit storm of a love triangle, with the start of her training, she caused Makoto to be this sexual rapist. She is apparently preppy and happy all the time, but when something sad happens locks herself away asking for help. She is also a compulsive liar, pointed out in this *cough* mutilating *cough* ending. Unable to really take charge for her demands to Itou.

Kotonoha Katsura: The innocent madman, she was brought into this by Sekai and Itou. If it wasn't for them she'd be okay. She is a shy, bullied girl but only by her peers in her class. Once Itou breaks it off, she shows her darkest, yet appealing, trait, her madness. She is obviously the most dynamic character of the series, going from norm to denial to acceptance to hatred to *cough* FUCKING STABBING *cough*.


The more appealing characters. some SECONDARY AWESOME PEEPS!

Setsuna Kiyoura: The closest secondary to being a main, she really is the voice of reason. Constantly telling Sekai and Itou to make up their minds and stop playing with peoples' feelings. She is a quiet, short, class-rep. However, with 99% of the girls in this series gives it up, but for a motive unlike a majority of the others. The more realistic character, with more realistic morals then anyone. Easily becoming my favorite character.

Otome Katou: The old friend and bully. She seems to be really jealous of Kotonoha for being Itou's girlfriend, bullying her constantly with her friends. Friend of Itou from middle school, crush since then too, seems like a match made in heaven. Until, it was video taped, yeah that sucks.

Taisuke Sawanaga: The best friend of Itou, being there mostly for comic relief, but takes a serious role in pushing Katsura's limits. Always oblivious to real relationships, but chases after Katsura constantly. Also, he does the "Dance with no Pants" with Katsura, yeah that's kind of important



So, that was a long spheal for a series I finished in two days. If you didn't get my obvious *cough* stabbing *cough* hints. The series ends with, Spoiler Alert by the way just in case you wanted to watch this, Sekai killing Itou, Katsura killing Sekai and her doesn't exist baby, and Katsura loving Itou's Head on a Yacht. Wait what? Dead serious. It is a dark, dark series, avoid it if you are looking for a Guy gets the Girl show. But go to it if you want "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH" show. It's passable at best.

Post-Morning Note: This show will keep you thinking all night, give you a nightmare when you do go to sleep, and make you get up after three hours of sleep. Fun, right?

Also first review dawg!

7/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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