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Thorow Jun 30, 2012

If I'm honest, yeah, you have a little. Too much kittens is my diagnosis :P Although when I caught up with Fairy Tail I did have issues finding something else that took my fancy, so once I'm through D.Gray Man I may well lapse again. Or finally watch Dragonball. lol.I shouldn't take too much notice though, I had this kind of lead before and it didn't hold. :P

Thorow Jun 9, 2012

Hmmmm, perhaps, I do still watch a couple of shows as soon as they are out regardless of how bad my net is being, it just takes a couple of hours to do so occassionally. lol. Could account for the supposed creeping... though that makes me sound like a weird stalker. lol.How are you doing anyway?PS. I swear these words are getting worse, some of them are plain made up. lol

Thorow May 29, 2012

Apparently not enough time. lol. Still, I finally have a date set for my interner to be upgraded to something that should make watching stuff a whole lot easier, then I shall strike! :P

Thorow May 17, 2012

No no no no no. I was meant to be creeping up on you on the sly and you were meant to be devestated in a months time when I was indeed miles ahead of you again and the tables had turned to favour me! This will not do at all ¬.¬

Thorow Apr 5, 2012

As a rule no, although to be fair nyanpire was a bit cutesy I suppose.

Yeah, I was told I should watch Beelzebub but I've not mustered the effort to give it a try yet, not sure that effort is likely to happen any time soon either considering all the new animes that are starting, still, helps me close in on you a little at least :P The bank holiday weekend should help in that regard a little as well :D

Oh... okay. Well, when it starts coming towards winter if you decide to knit yourself a pair of gloves, bare them in mind for a design basis :P OR try and shrink your hands by keeping them in the bath for a couple of hours so you can simply use the current squids :D