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Finished: Scrapped Princess

12 SEP

Okay now im done watching Scrapped Princess, and here is my opinion.

It was a low>decent quality .mkv file so it could have looked way better.

okay lets get started...


The story itself, is like a fairy tail, princes and princesses, an evil king, the "knight on the white horse" and so on, overall the story also has a few unique parts, like the fact that this is actually 5000 Years after our time, it was kind of confusing in the start, where i noticed that the "insects" that the keytar guy used, was robots, but it made totally sence when they finally told us the truth of the world, i found the end pretty cheesy though, it could have been improved alot, well it was a happy end so i cannot complain.


this anime deserves to be watched, but the animations could be waaay better, but of course, its made in 2003, and this is good quality for a '03 show, so actually i shouldn't complain.

at some points i feel that the voiceactors could do it better, but it was fine..


overall i feel satisfied with the anime, and you guys should give it a try if you haven't watched it, it might very well be abit boring in the start but it's definatly worth watching.


>This is my own opinion<

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