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i am the entity know variously as pyro, zulu, or tom. im 18 and ive been watching anime for several years on cartoon network until i got a highspeed internet connection recently.i generally do what i do for fun, this is including whatever i say, so dont take it to seriously until im actually serious. :) and thanks to safko for the pic in my sig shes awesome...and really really fast

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TheBanjo says...

What's up?

Nov 8, 2010
MorbidRitual says...

This site makes me feel like a total faggot now for how much anime I've watched. >:/

Dec 6, 2009
Sasukefanx12 says...

Is it rly that funny that I have a boyfriend? O.o Why? And yeah I agree XD My schedule is like INSANE and there's no organization or continuity to it at all XD Tho Anime Club iz like AMAZING Haha especially after anime club wen my boyfriend and I were hangin out b4 my dad picked us up TeeHee lol dat was fun *grins*

Sep 13, 2009
Sasukefanx12 says...

*crawls iinto corner* i didn't know lol. Whats Highschool like? Iz it rly as fun as ppl say? Oh! And I havn't told ya since I havn't talked to ya in a while: I have a boyfriend now! =D Lol

Aug 27, 2009