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Something happened, And I moved away to a new username:

If u still want to be in contact with me, check ma profile over there, And if I cant have 2 accounts, sothis can erase this one o.o;;

I wont use this one from now on anyways

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cashed Mar 25, 2008

One cool thing about this site is that when you paste something that you copied into the profile editor, it will hold onto the html coding of links.

 So, to answer your question, I just used Firefox - 1 tab for my profile, and the rest of the tabs to search for the anime links on this site. I copied the links and then pasted it into my bio and it retained the HREF coding :D

cashed Jan 24, 2008

I am definitely more into the gory type of anime, they're a lot more fun :D

Samurai Champloo fits well into that genre, but is also pretty funny. You should check it out!

FireyAdept Jan 10, 2008

Thanks pal! It's great to hear from you here too!! Well...I really like it here pyro!! Thanks for the welcome!

wolfangel87 Jan 4, 2008

Thank you!  ^_^

I hope you had an amazing New Years!

Kyjin Dec 31, 2007

Thanks for the welcome! ^_^ Always great to find another Haruhi fan!