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hello I'm not sure why your on my page but welcome. A little about me hmm... Well i've been watching anime / reading manga a large hunk of my life still love it and devote time to it when i can.

my profile has a badge for multi years but after i made this i never got around to using it much so i still have lots of anime and many manga to add to my list i've already seen. i'll try to do it as i go and get a feel for the site.

I decided to try and use the site more mostly to be honest for the reccomendations. But i hope to possibly find a few people in the community i share interest with.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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eifiee Sep 25, 2013

:o really?! thank you so much! may i ask which comments? if you don't wish to answer, or don't really have a specific answer, then that's fine :)sometimes i think it's best that i don't make comments, whether it be good or bad, because i don't think anyone actually cares what i have to say. so i appreciate you coming to my page & basically telling me otherwise. that means a lot to thank you, a lot. i hope you have an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing day! :D 

sothis Sep 24, 2013


I suppose it depends on what counts as toxic. We try our best to promote a friendly and open community here where people are free to express their opinions (as long as the opinions aren't hate speech or attacking another user)