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I've been watching anime since about 1997. I've seen different anime series before, but it wasn't till 1997 that I found out what anime really was. And I've been hooked since.

I also draw a lot of anime. I post most of my "doodles" on plutosenshi2002.deviantart.com.

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Valindra says...

Me too, I'm puzzled about it.

Can't recall seeing an e-mail about it either. :(

Apr 11, 2008
Valindra says...

Hiya Puu,

I'm back.

I wonder why my account here dissapeared.

I never even had an e-mail telling me about it...oh well, I'm here again..let's hope it lasts this time...lol

Apr 10, 2008
tetra says...

He is not really a singer, but a seiyu. Although many of the seiyu do sing as well. If I was to list favourite japanese artists it would be The Pilkows, Susumu Hirasawa and ... Gackt. I actually like Gackt even if he is a bit hyped up and teenage idol-ish

Feb 25, 2008
tetra says...

Aww :( Forget about the nightmarish postapocalyptic images and concentrate on Dark! 

I was listening to the dn angel OST today, and Okiayo Ryotaro s singing voice is so good! (Kodou is one of my favourite anime songs)

Feb 16, 2008
tetra says...

tell me about it *shudders*

Now that I think about it it would be sort of a nightmare... what good would anime be without the boys and men? What fanfics would be written?!


Feb 14, 2008