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I'm "a violent butt tackling drunken lesbian loli . . ."

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Serpico Feb 15, 2016

If you had logged out last just a few days later it would have been right on my birthday. Please log back in and fix this.

Affectionately yours, Serpico.

wanryavka Feb 16, 2014


When did you play hockey?

Serpico Apr 11, 2012

Maybe I have fogotten what you were like. Can you blame me, though? It's been what, a bit over 2 years? I'm getting old, you need to jog my memory...

You're making F/SN sound like a real chore to go through. No worries though as I'm in no hurry to finish it. I haven't even started it after all. Worst comes to worst and it's as awful as you say it is, I might lose a part of my sanity while trying to finish it, and a little part of me might die, but apart from that there's nothing to worry about, really. I'm sure it will be fine though... I hope...

Serpico Mar 31, 2012

Yeah, I saw... It was a nice surprise. It's not nice to hit and run, though. You should know that, silly goose. Can't be helped, I guess...

Good news is the Kara no Kyoukai movies have renewed my interest in Tsukihime, and as such, I will proceed to pick up the game where I left off and actually finish it this time around. After that, I think I'll probably start the F/SN VN, or I'll at least make it the next VN I pick up after Tsukihime. This is still going to take a while, though...

Serpico Feb 29, 2012

On the first run: C for the first level, D for the second and game over on the third... Not bad if I do say so myself...

I have played one of the games of those you listed though, namely Higurashi Daybreak... Do I get a cookie? :3

All of your other recs have been dully noted, especially Nitro+ Royale...