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The Twelve Kingdoms - Preview and Ratings


This is more of a preview designed for people who have not watched this anime. There are no spoilers.


Music: 10/10

Amazing music throughout the show. Here’s the opening to prove my point…

Art: 7/10

I’m picky when it comes to drawing styles. This anime wasn’t breathtaking, but it wasn’t too shabby either. For example, they could have made the kirins more majestic by giving them an aura… or something else really cool… maybe even throwing in a few sparkles… haha. But this is just personal preference on my part, so I wouldn’t let it hinder your opinion of the art’s awesomeness.  

^ Kirin ^

Characters: 8/10

Character development is how I rate this section. There are what I call stagnant characters and growing characters. Stagnant ones are where they don’t have any kind or very little personal growth, like an attitude change/maturing. Growing characters are the opposite of that. In this anime almost every main character grew and changed. Bad guys become good guys and good guys changed their minds and became bad guys. All of them had logical reasons for why they switched sides, so it made the changes realistic and believable. At the same time, I had difficulty emotionally connecting to some of the main characters (like the black-haired guy in the picture below). I think this is because they didn't give as much background on them as they could have... you know, an insight into the character's mind and how they think.

Plot: 8/10

It was good, but not amazing. A classic "person thrown into strange world and tries to survive" story. The first 5 episodes are difficult to understand because your main character just got thrown into a "strange world" and no one has a clue what's going on, including you. Stick with it because there are some unexpected developments down the line, which is always nice. It's never fun to watch an anime where you can guess what's coming next.

Also, the last 5 episodes were LAME. The ending had nothing to do with the main character which really irked me. This anime had virtually no fillers until the last 5 eps. The main story ends when you get to around episode 40, so you can stop there. Haha

Overall Rating: 8/10

All in all, I would suggest this show. Especially to people like me, who enjoy watching characters grow and change. The biggest deal here was the main character feeling inadequate/doubting herself and then finding that she can actually pull through and get it done.

Thanks for reading!

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SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies
Jan 2, 2012

Thanks a lot for this review! I had been tempted to watch this anime but now I'm absolutely excited for it! The music clip you posted is stunning.

MOJ avatar MOJ
Dec 9, 2011

Wow, your style of review ing took me completely by surprise, and i like it :)

That is a good idea, to put pictures and videos as proof of your claims. Short, concise and informative at the same time. Great Work

LostinTime07 avatar LostinTime07
Dec 8, 2011

such an amazing review ^^ im pretty sure i have this on my to watch list. reading this just makes me waant to watch it more now watch it sooner ^^ awsome job!!!

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