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  • Now and Then, Here and There - Preview and Ratings

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Now and Then, Here and There - Preview and Ratings

24 APR

This is more of a preview designed for people who have not watched this anime. There are no spoilers.

Basic Info:

  • Genre: science fiction, post-apocalyptic, person in a strange world, war, mature themes
  • Length: 13 episodes 
  • Alternate titles: Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku

Music: 10/10

It wasn't absolutely breathtaking audio, but it fit the show extremely well. And really, that's what matters. The opening and ending didn't really sound like the music used in the anime, so I didn't include it here.

Art: 6/10

I'm not sure if I really need to explain this. I've seen better, but I do like the unique drawing style. In newer anime, everyone seems to look similar. So even though this isn't oober detailed, it is a nice break from the norm. Also, I've never seen a freeze frame on a single character's face for such a long time. I really liked that. It made the intense moments all the more so. At first I thought my computer froze... yeah, they're that long. lol

Characters: 10/10

You've got a despicable bad guy, but you can't help feeling sorry for him. He's insane... and who can't feel a little pity for the mentally troubled? On the other hand, your main character is a genuinely nice guy, but he's not perfect. He doesn't want to kill, but will he if placed in a tough situation? A good guy becomes corrupted out of necessity. An innocent girl is kidnapped and the experience changes her forever. I could go step-by-step and give a little hint of each character, but that would be less fun for you because then you'd have a glimpse of their personalities before you even see the anime. Nope. Not going to do it. Instead, I'll just say that there are no shallow characters. They are all amazing. I've never said that about an anime before. So, yes... be amazed.

Story: 10/10

This isn't an anime about big breasted young girls in frilly skirts who prance around a la-la land created by some male writer who definitely has issues. No. This anime actually reflects real life. But who watches anime to be reminded about the difficulties of life? Not me, but I do enjoy deep characters with a thick story and watching them triumph when faced with horrible situations and difficult decisions (I guess that is a lot like real life, but at least in anime we get to watch the good guys consistently do the winning. lol). We get to watch strong characters make the choices that we hope we would make if we were the ones with the guns to our heads. And then we watch the weak characters show us how most of us would probably react instead of how we wish we would. We get to see the struggle inside the person who hates when they know they shouldn't, who kills when they know they shouldn't, etc, etc, etc. This anime is about life and death. If you were taken from your home and forced to become a soldier, would you kill your own people to save yourself? Such are the moral problems these characters face. It's just so good... so good...

Overall Rating: 10/10

Even if you don't like the music or the drawing style, you have to admit that this is a great anime. So, it gets a 10 from me! If you enjoy adventurous and dramatic anime like I do, then this is one for you!

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MrAnime avatar MrAnime
Feb 12, 2013

"Shouldn't" put off

excuse my horrible english.

MrAnime avatar MrAnime
Feb 12, 2013

Yea, it is a pretty good anime. Defentaly one of those you should put off becuase of the old school animation is has.

It a gem, and a personal favorite of mine. :)

kitsune89 avatar kitsune89
Apr 24, 2012

Indeed, a very good and powerful anime; after watching it I felt deeply troubled and I couldn't even rate it (this one and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0).  It was too much on the real side, and even though it doesn't end that bad, I still couldn't help thinking that it wasn't right. Anyway, a good show... and a real tear-jerker ^_^

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