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Last Exile - Preview and Ratings

18 APR

This is more of a preview designed for people who have not watched this anime. There are no spoilers.

Basic Info:

  • Genre: science fiction
  • Length: 26 episodes
  • More details and genre categories -> click here!

Music: 10/10

The music was amazing. The opening song introduces us to the feeling of mystery that you continually experience throughout the anime. The music pretty much leads you and allows you to feel the climax with more intensity. Here's the opening to prove my point...

Art: 10/10

Yes, this example is only one character, but I really like how they drew them! Kind of elegant. Also, take another look at the opening to see the ships battle. Pretty epic.

 ^ The character Lucciola ^

Characters: 7/10

Some characters lacked depth and others definitely did not. There are three main characters... none of which are my favorites. The secondary characters are actually the ones that bring spice to the story. Dio ERACLEALucciolaMullin SHETLAND, Captain Alex ROW, and Sophia FORRESTER are the most dynamic. These five grow and change throughout the show. They must choose between love or duty. Friendship or destiny. Freedom or indentureship. Survival or chivalry. So many choices to be made between so few. The strain is what makes it beautiful.

Couldn't find a good collage of all the characters... sorry!! 

Story: 7/10

I was honestly confused in places. I think that's because I watched it dubbed. I usually watch subbed, but I was being lazy this time around. I am pretty sure that my confusion can be attributed to the dubb. So I suggest you subb. 

The story is paced a little slowly. It takes a few eps to get to the juicy parts, but it is still enjoyable. 

I feel that the story is very unique. Even down to how the foot soldiers fight. Who would think that foot soldiers would engage enemies from flying ships? Wouldn't those be pilots? Nope. Giant bay doors on the ships drop to reveal columns of armed soldiers who fire on their enemies by shooting across the airy expanse between opposing ships. Watch that op again! On the other hand - this is a typical story of good people fighting the evil forces that seek to prevent them from obtaining true freedom. 

Overall Rating: 8/10

If you do the math it doesn't add up to 8, but I felt that a solid 8 was more accurate. I guess I could try to make it mathematically correct, but nope... on the whole it is an 8. xP Anyways, if you enjoy a good scifi like I do, you may enjoy this! So give it a shot! ^_^

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puriful avatar puriful
Apr 18, 2012

Sorry my story section is so undetailed. Click here for the synopsis :)

Minai99 avatar Minai99
Apr 18, 2012

I definitely have this on my want to watch list.

kaosu avatar kaosu
Apr 18, 2012

Thats why the art is pretty, because of Range Murata, one of the best character designers eva!


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