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500~ June 21, 2016 ~ My love story!!
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Aki Yoshii:
"Global warming is killing our planet, and if you throw that food away, then you're a planet killer too. And the ghost of a dead homeless dude might haunt your bathtub. Which is also why you should recycle and hug a spotted owl, and try to stop talking so much if you can. It's mostly how I feel."

Ryoko:"Hey Kyo, umm.You know, whenever I think about you it makes me feel all funny inside, my heart starts racing and I can't get to sleep."

Kyo "That's cause you're dying."

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kaosu Jul 13, 2011

appeals to the male viewers


personally im not into unrealistic portrayal of boobs, its rediculous (as seen in the gif).  but it doesnt matter when it comes to HotD, since its that good.  Seikon no Qwaser is barely watchable for me (forgive me shawn if you see this) and the new show this season, manyu hiken-cho, is basically the same thing.  /sigh I want to go back to kore wa zombie desu ka, i just finished the OVA and i laughed pretty hard.  im glad they're making a 2nd season soon to fill my need for more Yuuuuuuuuuu.

kaosu Jul 13, 2011

I loved Highschool of the Dead and its OVA.  I love the realistic approach to a zombie apocalypse survived by a group of high schoolers (and a teacher).  I can do with less rediculous boobage, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.  I was hoping for a definite ending, rather than a continuous ending when i finished the series, but thats probably covered, or will be convered in the manga, and thus hopefully another season will come for HotD.

kaosu Jul 12, 2011

did you see that twist at the end coming? I jumped out of my seat screaming "wtf!?"

Everything was going fine then, BAM, the literal last 2 minutes of the last episode, epic twist and possible continuation into a new season.

But anyway, idk if you watch [adult swim] on cartoon network late nights, but when I first watched this show I thought it would be likely to end up on it sometime in the future, since its suites the pallette of many [adult swim]'s non-anime shows well lol

It'd be nice to rewatch them by those means too. And I noticed you like Highschool of the Dead too? :O

kaosu Jul 11, 2011

absolutely! I really hope that "to be continued in Season 2" actually happens! I'll have something to look forward to this winter. :D

afny90 Jul 10, 2011

just stopping by to say hi ^^,